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Create animated GIFs, cinemagraphs, screen recordings and mockups with the only all-in-one GIF software.






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Are you missing out on the power of GIFs marketing?

  • Are you underwhelm by some of the single use GIF solutions out there?
  • ​Do you wish there was an easy way to turn any kind of media into social media friendly GIFs, in minutes?


No GIFs software out there is treating GIFs the way they should be... with respect!

Gifzign is simply put, the only GIF sofware which combines ALL the features you will ever need to create powerful GIFs in one single platform. 

It's as if everyone has given up on GIFs... On one hand you will find tons of very outdated software like the one above which don't do any justice to avid GIFers like us.

  • Outdated UI, like if GIFs were stuck in the 90s
  • Unfrequent updates and support



On the other hand, there are a lot of one trick ponies which focus on one single aspect of GIFs... Be it memes, cinemagraphs, frame by frame animation, etc

  • Most GIF sofware focus on a single use feature
  • If you are serious about GIFs, you need to patch at least 3 different software together

Gifzign will revolutionise your GIF marketing

GIF Creator. GIF Editor. Cinemagraphs. Screen Recorder. GIF Player.
GIF Mockups. GIF Embeds. Frame-by-Frame. All in one....Gifzign has it all


Step 1

Create your GIF how you want it

Record your screen, upload a series of images, upload a video or pull any Youtube and Vimeo videos to start creating your GIFs!

Step 2

Turn on your GIFjitsu

Gifzign comes with every GIF marketer wet dreams features such as: adding text and images, mirroring, various loop options, cinemagraphs, filters, and even a Youzign integration!



Step 3

Embed anywhere with GIF mockups ™

A Gifzign exclusive feature, GIF Mockups ™ lets you embed your GIFs directly inside 220 different mockup frames, including laptops, phones, or cute drawings like this bear frame on the left!

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