[Gifzign Update] *New* Slick Features Added in Version 1.0.12

Hi Gifzigners!

Good news!

We’ve just pushed a bunch of highly requested features and updates in the new version of Gifzign.

If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, head over to your Gifzign dashboard and download Gifzign Version 1.0.12

So what are the new cool stuff in this update:

1. New export to mp4 feature (also contains sound from video)

This new feature lets you save and download your GIFs into a final mp4 format. What’s cool is that you can choose whether to include the sound/ audio from your video or not.

You can access this feature when you go to Others category under the Basic tab in the Gifzign editor.

2. Mockups also support mp4 export

The beautiful Gifzign mockups also go well with mp4 formats. So if you wish to add more style to your mp4s,
simply choose from one of the mockups that best fits your theme and presto! 🙂

3. New Club Mockups

We’re also happy to announce 30 additional stylish mockups in this new version.
Use these mockups for unlimited times to enhance and add more character to your Gifzign creatives!

Note: These add-ons will only be available on your account if you’re subscribed to Gifzign Club membership.

4. Cinemagraph import/ export still image

Opting for a freeze-frame or a still motion shot from one of your videos? You can now achieve this in Gifzign with the import and export still image buttons! You can access this feature under the Cinemagraph tab.

5. Cropping tool for canvas

Change the canvas size to your desired dimensions with the new canvas crop tool. It can be found at the top left corner of your canvas.

Note: make sure to click on the Preview button after cropping to check the new size.

6. Draggable texts

You can now move, resize and set a text to an angle by simply clicking and dragging the text.

7. New text fonts

Booyah! New font styles are now available in this version! 🙂 You can now choose from 11 cool fonts to go with your creatives.

We have also fixed some bugs from the previous versions like issues with Gifzign installation on Mac and bugs when rendering mockups.

We hope that you find these updates helpful! And like always, feel free to share with us your thoughts and suggestions!
Thank you! 🙂

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