How To Create Animated Banner Graphics Using Only Youzign and Gifzign

Animated banner graphics have gotten so popular online. They attract attention easily and quickly and they help to convey messages pretty fast as a result.

More online marketers have embraced the use of animated banner graphics because of these marketing benefits. And there is quite a wide range of ways they can be used to grab attention, entertain, and or drive traffic.

In this blog post, we will cover the different kinds of animated banner graphics you can create and use in your marketing.

Different Types of Animated Banners


1. Banners

These are mainly used for ads, on blogs, sidebars, social media posts (boasted posts in some cases), email headers, and many others. You can use animated banner graphics anywhere you usually put your banner ads. Creating and using an animated banner instead increases your results. They get attention head-on and can help to get, retain and improve engagement.

The video below shows you how I created the banner above using just Youzign and Gifzign and gives you idea and points you on how to create animated banners with these top graphics apps.

2. E-commerce product slideshows

If you are in the physical product niche, this is a good way to showcase your line of products, new arrivals or the stocks you have ready for this Christmas season. You can also use this to give customers a detailed feature-list of a particular product. With slideshows you can quickly give your potential customers a glimpse of the product catalogue and get them anxious to place that order as shown in the animated graphics image below.

And the video below shows you how we created the graphic above using only Youzign and Gifzign

3. Animated emoji/expressions faces

These trend on social media as well as on news sites, forums, blogs and simple niche sites. It is the new way of saying something without actually voicing anything. How cool is that?

And everyone uses them. There is an emoji for virtually any kind of expression; anger, fear, smile, laugh, crying, happy, dancing, etc, you name them. And the cool part is, you can create these animated expression faces also using Youzign and Gifzign.

And the video below shows you how we created the animated emoji/expression face above.

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3 responses to “How To Create Animated Banner Graphics Using Only Youzign and Gifzign”

  1. John says:

    I saved my .png files, but when I try to upload them to gifzign I can only choose .mp4 files. It says Upload Videos, choose from your files, but not Upload Videos/GIF/Images like in the video. Is this for mac only? Just wondering – thanks for the tutorial! I just downloaded and installed the new version as well.

  2. marketingstatic says:

    Im curious how this would work with FB ads

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