New in Gifzign: a nifty loading screen and mockups with perspective!

Good news! The latest version of Gifzign 1.0.13 was released this week! If you haven’t got it yet make sure to download it from your dashboard.

In this version we added two new cool features, here is breakdown!

First we are introducing a new loading screen with a progress bar so that you know how much time is left when you are converting a video to GIF, previewing a GIF or rendering a GIF. It’s very handy and also includes links to the Gifzign support page and blog.

Secondly for Gifzign Club customers we pushed 30 new mockups templates, and our magic developer Alek finally cracked it and was able to include perspective in GIF mockups!

This means we can now push mockups like the one above where there there is some perspective. For the next month of club updates, we will focus on even more photorealistic mockupsĀ and scenes of workspaces and the likes.

2 responses to “New in Gifzign: a nifty loading screen and mockups with perspective!”

  1. samsons1 says:

    this is fantastic,,.;)

  2. knector says:

    Love it!

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