Upload GIF and Frame Rate Control on Gifzign Version 1.0.15

Hi Gifzigners!

A new version of your favorite gif and cinemagraph creator is now available.

You know the drill! Kindly head over to your Gifzign dashboard to download your copy of version 1.0.15.

Here’s what’s included in this latest version:

Upload GIF

You can now upload gifs to the editor using the upload button.

This feature allows you to apply certain modifications to existing gifs like the ability to add text and image overlay, crop, cut, add a filter, or apply one of our beautiful mock-ups to it.


Be able to control your uploaded gif’s speed. Setting the frame rate from 8 to 10 will speed up your gif while setting it from 7 and less will make it slower. You can also customize the start and end of the frames.

Note: The ability to edit frame rate is only available for gifs and not for videos. 

New Club Mockups

And a new set of mock-ups for Club members for the month of July 2017. 🙂


Note: Subscribe to Gifzign Club  to get these cool mock-ups and 30 more every month on your Gifzign account!   

We hope that you find these updates helpful! And like always, feel free to share with us your thoughts and suggestions!
Thank you! 🙂

One response to “Upload GIF and Frame Rate Control on Gifzign Version 1.0.15”

  1. Gene says:

    Thank you for the continuous updates that always include great features and enhance a product that already blows the competition (if there is any anymore) away.

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