You can now add GIFs to comments in Facebook!

This week, the GIF format was celebrating its 30th birthday and Facebook decided to celebrate the internet’s favourite format with a little bit of love…

You can now reply to comments in Facebook by uploading your GIFs, and obviously at Gifzign we think it’s very cool!

In the past you could insert GIFs only by linking to a GIF URL which was a bit cumbersome. This change in Facebook marks a real shift and acceptance of GIF as a core component of the interwebs for the years to come.

How to upload your GIF to a Facebook comment:

  1. Go to and find a post to comment on
  2. Click on “Attach a photo or video” button
  3. Upload your Gifzign GIF from your computer

Note: similarly you can also share a GIF directly in a new facebook post without having to link to a GIF URL by using the upload feature…

That’s all, now get creative with those GIFs and make sure to share them on the Gifzigners group too!

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